HaeJangGuk  醒酒湯
Just One Beef bone, vegetables, fresh blood in soup,rice

BulGoGi  韓燒牛肉定飯
Stir fried marinated beef and noodles on sizzling plate,rice

LA Kalbi  韓燒牛仔骨飯
B.B.Q. L.A beef ribs on sizzling plate, rice

Dolsot BiBimBap  石鍋拌飯
Assorted vegetables with ground beef on rice in hotstone bowl

GomTang  牛肉湯
Beef bone white soup,rice

YukGaeJang  細牛肉湯
Beef with vegetables in hot spicy soup, rice

Beef Bone Soup  牛排骨湯
Beef ribs soup with glass noodles, egg drop, rice

BulGoGi Busot JjiGae  韓式牛肉蘑茹湯
Bulgogi and mushroom soup with sweet soy sauce

Stir fried vegetable & beef small intestines