AlTang  魚蛋湯
Fish roe, tofu in spicy soup with sweet soy sauce

Tofu Soup  豆腐湯 (海鮮 or 猪肉)
Soft tofu stewed in hot-spicy broth with seafood or pork, rice

O-deng Tang  魔芋串儿湯
Fish cake soup

OjingUh BusotJjiGae  韓式烏賊魚蘑茹湯
Squid, mushroom with spicy broth

Ojinguh Bokeum  韓式炒尤魚
Stir fried squid with spicy sauce on sizzling plate

HaeMul PaJeon  韩式海鮮煎餅
Korean style pancake with assorted seafood and green onion