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“The owl of minerva first takes flight with twilight closing in”
– G.W.F. Hegel –

The owl of Minerva does not only have locations in Canada but is expanding its business to China, the United States and other parts of the world.

Please support us in our goal to evolve into an international Owl of Minerva.

The Owl of Minerva History

Aug 8, 2001


Dec 1, 2003

North York (Main)

May. 2007


Apr. 2010


Aug. 2011

Richmond Hill

Mar. 2012


Dec. 2016


Oct. 2012


Jun. 2013

Meat Shop

Sep. 2013


Oct. 2014


Dec. 2017

Scarborough Ottawa

Nov. 2018


Yonge Street and Finch Avenue is the main branch of Owl of Minerva and if there is not a female with a graduation hat, our logo, it is not eligible to a license of Owl of Minerva.
The Owl of Minerva logo was originally licensed in Canada and the United States and the logo was further licensed in South Korea and China in 2010. Currently, we are planning to open a branch in Shanghai, China.